Welcome to Bodine Painting Co.

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Welcome and thank you for visiting us online.  


We, at Bodine Painting Co., have been in the residential painting  business in the metro area for the past 24 years. We do all types of  interior and exterior painting and repairs. We do large and small  projects. We paint existing homes, remodeled homes, new homes, condos,  town homes and apartments.  We do all enameling, staining, wall and  ceiling painting, woodwork, cabinets and a list of specialty faux  painting.


The amount of detailing varies from just putting a fresh coat of paint  on the walls, to meticulously repairing and painting walls, ceilings and  woodwork throughout. We wear traditional "whites" on the job and clean  up after ourselves daily. Our focus is to do the work right the first  time and to make "you", the homeowner, happy.


Our hours are 7:30am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.

All estimates and initial color consultations are free.

Call me, and let me help you with your color ideas and give you prices on all your painting needs.



Scott Bodine