About Us

Scott Bodine
When you call me for a free estimate on the work you want done, we set up an appointment. When I come to your home I will ask you questions relating to your project and talk with you about your ideas on colors and decorating. You will then receive the proposal in the mail. Once you've decided on what areas you'd like us to do, you sign and return one copy of the proposal.

We make another appointment at that time to start putting up color samples for creating the different finishes that interest you. Once the colors have been picked, we schedule the painting to begin. Our painters are all personally trained, our attitudes are professional, respectful and task oriented. We come into your home at 7:30 am sharp, with a clean drop cloth where we put our equipment.

We take our shoes off, we greet you and discuss the details of where you would like us to start, should we leave the basement door open for the cat, and those types of questions. We then go right to work starting with covering and protecting your carpets and furniture before we even open the paint.

We don't play loud or obnoxious music. We cover everything with plastic or drops and we do everything we can to minimize the dust and inconvenience that may occur while we transform your home before your eyes.
Licensed                  Bonded                  Insured